Mykonos and Santorini Lifestyle

Discover Miami’s booming neighborhoods!

Miami is rising, like other southern cities in the USA. In recent years, thanks to a favorable economic and social moment, dozens of Americans moved to the city, but generally to Florida.  Sunny Florida’s weather is enough to move there! It allowed the increase of new ideas and business that today makes Miami competitive. Isn’t

Santorini 2023 – Let’s be clear. [PART 2]

Let us explore why a vacation in Santorini won’t pair with the decadent, kind of romantic idea of a vacation on any other Greek island.  TREK IN SANTORINI Santorini’s shape is the first thing to keep into account. Where could you find a place like this in the entire world? In a half hour, you

Santorini 2023 – Let’s be clear. [PART 1]

In 2023, social media have been full of videos where various content creators invite tourists to visit other islands of the Greek archipelagos besides Mykonos and Santorini. Unfortunately, all the information these influencers share needs to be more accurate. They seem to want to scold the two most famous islands because they do not represent

The eighties, an era of sophistication.

The eighties decade determined a period of social change, economic growth and prosperity in many countries. The fashion was a mix of contrasting styles. A trend that begun in the 1970s, the street culture, continued to influence the mainstream taste, along with hip hop and New Wave. Musicians such as Madonna, Elvis Costello or Boy

What to do in Mykonos – 2023 Edition.

 Here we go! The summer season is about to start; Greece, but above all the islands, is preparing to welcome millions of tourists who choose the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean every year. You know that we have a specific mention of Mykonos and Santorini, the islands we love the most.  First of all,

A tour in the most luxurious Mall of Greece 

Would you like to have a break from the beautiful sea of Psarou beach? We suggest a walk at Nammos Village, a branch of Mykonos’s homonymous and more famous beach club. We had the chance to visit this mall, and we have been impressed by the opulence and the attention to detail. The constructions follow

The 70s era, an upcoming trend.

Since the 70s is going to be the hot tendency of 2023, it’s essential to know the history of a decade that inherited the freedom of the previous years, making trends that influenced that generation.  Today we perceive this mood in fashion, music, and other artistic fields. Let’s focus on sunglasses and let’s try to

Our wins and fails of the 2022 Summer in Mykonos

Mykonos 2022. With an eye already to the upcoming season, we greet this summer with our personal opinions regarding the best newcomers, the confirms, and only a few things we didn’t appreciate. It will not be a ranking, and we want to underline that everything is based on our taste. Don’t take it personally! Byblos’s

Live your original shopping experience in Mykonos

Thanks to its energy, Mykonos Island has become a forge of new ideas, high-quality products, and services made in Greece. There is specific attention to a wise craft like it is tailored. It’s a comprehensive definition that embraces the agro-food, fashion, life experiences, and generally the lifestyle the Cyclades Islands deliver.  Let’s start our tour