2022-23 Fall Winter Giambattista Valli Runway

2022-23 Fall Winter Giambattista Valli Runway

Giambattista Valli did again a great job. Last week he presented his last ready-to-wear collection for the 2023 fall-winter season, and the glam, the romance still dominated the primary essence of his exhibition.

First of all, the choice of the palette is intriguing. Along with white, pink, and red representing a leitmotiv in Giambattista’s work, aquamarine appears in various elements: jacket, short dress, skirts, tops, tights, both on a total aquamarine look or combined with different shades.

The impression we have is that Valli’s dresses float in the air. The textile he prefers and the classic fit make her models incredibly light while dominating the catwalk.

As in the previous spring/summer collection, flowers have a central role, but they’re now blooming, leaving behind the unripe green. Some patterns have soberly colored flowers; others stylize their shape, creating a combination of black and aquamarine or gold and white.

Red is a vibrant explosion in Valli’s philosophy. The refined looks he delivers are primarily monochromatic, alternating silver shoes or gold buttons to break this intense feeling.

No ribbons, no hats, letting the hair free, sunglasses are the sole accessory of the collection. The prolific collaboration with the greek sunglasses brand Kopajos continues successfully.

This time, Giambattista Vallis asked for a consult, describing his vision to the designer. His own fashion world seems so ethereal, somehow stable. So he turned upside-down the view of his models, with these reversed sunglasses, recalling a 90’s trend. He has chosen acetate as material, with wider lenses but still a thin frame. He delivers us a black-on-black combination, the most classic look possible for the upcoming winter trends.

During his previous Spring-Summer collection, Valli selected a squared-cat-eye style of titanium named Sandor with more sharped angles. Colors still explain the designer’s idea of fashion. Indeed, in that exhibition, shades were in gold, silver, metallic red, with both transparent and mirrored lenses. A magnific triumph of what the summer he described through his work – hopefully – will bring to all of us.

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