2022 is here: our suggested restaurants in Mykonos for an unforgettable trip of tastes

2022 is here: our suggested restaurants in Mykonos for an unforgettable trip of tastes

2021 has been the season of rebirth for Mykonos and it coincided with many new openings, offering tourists various, and sometimes more expensive, activities.

We want to focus today on these novel restaurants that brought Mykonos to a – even more – higher level of refinement. 2022 is coming soon, and we hope to provide you with valid suggestions.

Great food isn’t anymore the only precondition that matters.

Location, entertainment, environmental sustainability are just a few of these purposes that all these places consider as part of the experience they offer.

IT – New Peripheral Road – Drafaki Areahttps://www.itrestaurants.com/

IT delivers refined food, both in taste and in impeccable plating. The view is stunning, as the restaurant is outside Mykonos Town, halfway to the airport, dominating the west side of the island.

Resident chef is the two Michelin Star Chef Nino Di Costanzo, also advisor of the IT group. He recently declared that he’s willing to build a strong identity for each restaurant by connecting with the characteristics of the place.

Italian cuisine merges with the typical elements of the area. So, Chef Di Costanzo has feta and olives for his creations for the Mykonos location. He sticks with simple combinations according to season and product availability. Dietary requirements can be pointed out.

Ceresio 7 – Kalogera 25 – Mykonos Townhttps://www.ceresio7.com/en/mykonos.php

In the center of town, in front of Rarity Gallery and on the side of Kopajos Sunglasses shop, Ceresio 7 is a new creative and aesthetic concept by the Dsquared2 brothers. It keeps the original style of the building, but the Italian elegance merges with the original structure.

Be mentally prepared for a “taste explosion”: Ceresio7 delivers traditional Italian dishes through fine plating. Pasta recipes, fish, meat (with the famous Beef Chateaubriand), and a long list of wine, desserts, and cocktails.

Ceresio7 is indeed expensive, but it is worths at least a visit.

When there’s no wind, the garden heat could be sweltering.

Noema – Chora Mykonos – Panachra  – https://www.noemamykonos.com/

Scorpios experience comes to town with Nōema, a contemporary expression of the Cycladic way of living.

Raw materials are pickled, fermented, cured, and sun-dried — transforming bare necessities into something beautiful and unexpected.

Athinagoras Kostakos, already the culinary director of Scorpios, has constructed the menu. He creates dishes that taste unmistakably of their origins. He declares, “We are going back to our culinary roots, to intensify the flavors and allows you to taste the origins of the ingredients — the natural, unadulterated Greekness.”

Food and plating indeed are typically greek; you will not be disappointed. Along with pork, fish, and seafood, some of the typical veg dishes of Greek cuisine, like gemista, are available.

The Nōema experience is completed by musicians, performers, and DJs, invited from worldwide. Entertainment is granted.

Reservation is mandatory to get the table.

Cantera – L. Katsoni 1 Little Venice – Mykonos Townhttps://www.canteramykonos.com/

The word Cantera comes from the Spanish language, and it means quarry. The original idea of the creators is to combine the tradition of Japanese cuisine with the taste of the meat. That’s why the menù offers two kinds of experiences and a la carte menu, with salads, tartare, carpaccios and distinctive meat hosomaki.

We do not recommend Cantera for vegetarians or vegans, even if rice and a vegetable wok are available.

Sunsets in Little Venice are the perfect frame for this restaurant; we suggest reserving a table close to the balconies. The staff is very polite and available for suggestions.

Liò – Enoplon Dynameon 6 – Mykonos Town – https://liopacha.com/mykonos/

From Ibiza to Mykonos, Lio came with its gang of singers, dancers, and acrobats, for a two hours half dinner show in the absolute center of the town. Different menù are available, but dietary requirements can be pointed out. It’s definitely costly, but there are no doubts about the excellence.

Pay attention to the glasses; waiters use to fill them with an intrusive zeal.

Koukoumi Vegan Restaurant – Ano Merahttps://www.koukoumihotel.com/index.php/en/restaurant

The Koukoumi hotel in the Anomera area presents an interesting vegan proposal for its menu, more ethical and wealthy than the average restaurant in Greece could offer (as the cuisine is mainly meat-based). The intention is to combine Mediterranean tastes with elements from the Japanese fusion experience: premium quality ingredients with minimal or no processing.

Among the best-served dishes, the wild mushrooms risotto, the seitan steak, and the lava chocolate dessert.

The restaurant staff is also very friendly with good knowledge about the food. Dietary requirements can be pointed out. It’s kind of expensive, but it is worths a visit.

Vento Restaurant – Akti Kampani – Mykonos Townhttps://www.ventomykonos.com/

Vento, which means “wind” in Italian, is the new restaurant on the Mykonos seafront. Despite the location may suggest is a tourist trap, if you want to taste some good Italian dishes, give this restaurant a try. There is the chance to get breakfast in the morning, and then the noun service starts. Handmade pasta is a must to try off (especially tortellini, ravioli, and linguine).

Fresh mozzarella and burrata are available here, coming from Italy almost every day. 

The staff is friendly, and the cost is generally affordable.

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