A tour in the most luxurious Mall of Greece 

A tour in the most luxurious Mall of Greece 

Would you like to have a break from the beautiful sea of Psarou beach? We suggest a walk at Nammos Village, a branch of Mykonos’s homonymous and more famous beach club. We had the chance to visit this mall, and we have been impressed by the opulence and the attention to detail. The constructions follow the modern architectural standards of the Cycladic style, melting different materials and with the widespread diffusion of flowerbeds and plants that can resist the dry weather of the island.

What kind of shopping experience can we expect in Nammos Village? Let’s start our virtual tour to discover the most attractive shop we noticed.

Ralph’s Diner

The first one is Ralph’s Diner, the multi-brand sunglasses store (building 5) in the heart of Nammos Village. We find a generous selection of high-quality products and high prices. The internal design is kind of dated but simple. Find the sunglasses pairs on the walls and a few tables to follow a way inside the shop. 


Among the most famous brands we find Linda Farrow, Dita, Cartier, Chrome Hearts, LGR, Jaques Marie Mage, Mykita, Kuboraum, Gentle Monster, illesteva, Ahlem, Haffmans and Neumeister, Spektre, Celine, Chanel, Prada, Oliver Peoples, Saint Laurent, Eyepetizer just to name the most famous. 

Ralph’s Diner also has a lot of glasses accessories, including chains. Try and see! Suppose you are looking for something more unique and original. In that case, the local sunglasses brand from Mykonos, Kopajos, is available in Mykonos Town, with its flagship store. Free delivery is available on the island!

The tour continues passing through Dior. It is impossible not to notice the huge elephant outside that accompanies the blue and white decoration, a tribute to the sumptuous Greek beauty of the island. There is no need to spend many words on the brand: its creator’s visionary spirit has exalted women worldwide since the 1950s. 

The store has a complete assortment of products from the women’s collection, such as prêt-à-porter, bags, leather goods, shoes, accessories, and sunglasses, but not only: there is also a healthy list of jewelry and watch creations that are now part of the products available at the brand.

Dior boutique


Dior recently doubled its presence on the island by opening a second store in Mykonos Town, in Kalogera, not far from the Rarity Gallery art gallery, the new French restaurant TUYA, and the Kopajos sunglasses store. An interesting opportunity in case you do not have a way to reach the mall store. You can get more information by clicking on the link.

For pampering yourself with a jewel or a watch, you have to go to Kessaris, which sells the brands of the most luxurious collections, with a carefully selected assortment.

The boutique is a stone’s throw from the beach, with a must-pass either to reach the Mall or the Nammos Beach Club, with a rather fresh concept. Among the collections present, we can mention Bulgari with watches, jewelry and accessories from the timeless Italian maison, jewelry and watches De Grisogno, characteristic for their Red Carpet style, the high-quality and unique design ETHO MARIA jewelry, the Shamballa bracelets and necklaces that inspire fun, the Demeglio jewelry to show off a certain luxury every day, Evan’s precious Greek-inspired jewels, Solange Azagury-Partridge with her Hot Lips collection and Gaviria.

Kessaris jewelry

Of course, Kessaris jewelry is also available, with unbeatable quality and elegant design, as the Greek jewelry tradition dictates. If you are looking for something more striking, try the Anastasia Kessaris line, which offers a more modern look. 

Kessaris is also a Rolex retailer with wide availability, thanks to the numerous shops throughout the country. You will also find Panerai, Hyt, Urwerk, and IWC. The available pieces are also those of limited and special editions. Kessaris is also located in Mykonos Town, near Matogianni and Kalogera, opposite the Lunettes store. More information is on the website.

Despite the elegant austerity of the façade, which recalls elements of modern Cycladic architecture. The luxurious world of Gucci awaits you behind its doors. The iconic bags, accessories (also for men), sunglasses, shoes and, last but not least, the prêt-à-porter women’s clothes.

Gucci boutique


The boutique spans 120 square meters on two floors and recalls the relaxed resort atmosphere that Mykonos can offer. The petrol blue color of the walls and base should reflect the sea, although the effect takes away a bit of light from the bright clothes of the Gucci collection. It will be interesting to wait for the 2023 collection, the first after the farewell of the creative director Alessandro Michele, who was at the department’s helm for seven years. 

Gucci also arrived in Mykonos Town a couple of seasons ago, at Meletopoulou 7, not far from the Optique Boutique sunglasses store, right on the street leading towards Little Venice. In Building 4, we find exclusively Louis Vuitton, the French fashion house founded in 1854. 

It is now present in more than 50 countries, known for its luxury leather goods. Initially, its activity was mainly focused on producing high-quality suitcases and bags, using innovative fabrics such as Canvas frames, resistant and light, which are still used in the production of its products.

Louis Vuitton


Over time, the house has expanded into other areas of fashion, such as clothing, jewelry, watchmaking, and accessories, such as sunglasses and perfumes. The brand has become synonymous with elegance and style. Today the Maison is part of the LVMH group (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE), one of the largest luxury companies in the world. 

In the mall boutique, a wide selection of prêt-à-porter, leather goods, shoes, watches, eyewear, and an exclusive line designed explicitly for Mykonos, along with the season’s capsule collections, are available. The architectural concept follows Maison’s project to make each of its stores unique. 

It pays tribute to the typical lifestyle of the Cycladic islands. The realization is made with high-quality raw materials, light lighting, and elegant minimalism. The two-story structure develops a new sales experience that extends outside, in the green surrounding the building, creating a relaxed atmosphere similar to Mykonos Town. 

The historic brand boutique is in the city, not far from Kalogera and right next to the renowned Queen bar. The double presence reinforces the brand’s image as the point of luxury on the island. 

Capri boutique

We conclude the tour with another brand that boasts its presence both in the Mall and Mykonos Town, next to the Coya and Interni restaurants. Like the Mykonos sunglasses brand, Kopajos, 100% Capri also has to thank another Mediterranean pearl that brought luck to its creator, Antonino Aiello.


The choice of raw material falls on top quality European linen grown without using GMOs, with a manufacturing process that blends Italian tailoring tradition with the most innovative technologies in the industry. The concept is to wear a fabric as if it were part of one’s skin, the quintessence of simplicity and purity of beauty. It is a finished product that respects the environment for every season because fresh in summer and insulated in winter, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and resistant. Men’s and women’s items are available, which dress from head to toe, including shirts, jackets, skirts, and accessories. On the website you can view the entire catalog.

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