Are you planning to visit Mykonos?

Are you planning to visit Mykonos?

If you are planning to visit Mykonos, you cannot miss some of the most well-known sites on the island; not everyone knows it has a glorious past, preserved until now after centuries. Furthermore, the dynamic environment has been perfect for some exclusive products that, starting from Mykonos, went worldwide.

1 – Windmills hill offers a beautiful view of Little Venice and the rest of Mykonos Town. It is one of the popular spots for the sunset, not just for tourists.

2 – Little Venice is still one of the oldest inhabited places in Mykonos. Today, the area’s look goes back to the 18 century, with wooden poles stuck on the ground to maintain some balconies and the picturesque view that is the perfect postcard.

3 – Immediately out the narrow streets of Little Venice and close to the seafront, here’s the church of Panagia Paraportiani. It results from layers (a new, archeological dig bringing out an undocumented settlement). There are four churches under one single chapel.

4 – Keep walking and visit Manto Square; say hi to one of the heroes of the Greek Revolution, sculptured in stone, looking at the beautiful Aegean Sea.

5 – Be lucky enough and meet Pedro, the pelican, one of the prominent characters of Mykonos Island. He’s lovely but a little sassy too!

6 – Delos tour, taking a boat from the Mykonos old port. It takes 20 minutes to reach an authentic archeological park you can visit in a single morning.  Delos is windy but sunny, with no natural repair. Bring some water and a hat with you.

It’s a fact that in the past centuries, people from Mykonos brought a lot of construction materials from Delos. Little by little, all the stones will return home. One of the lions is in Venice (Italy) instead, outside the Arsenale.

7 – Mykonos original products. Did you know that Mykonos is the home of a sunglasses brand? Kopajos indeed was founded here a long time ago, and it still represents the authentic local style. Then, you can try Maurizio, a woman clothes brand, with a fresh design every year.

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