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Mykonos and Santorini Summer 2024: Kalogera Street

Welcome to the Mykonos and Santorini Summer 2024!

Here we are! Summer is ready to start, and preparations are quivering in all the Greek islands, especially in Mykonos and Santorini, the most beautiful and famous islands in the world. Particularly, the narrow streets of Mykonos town are already invaded by tourists. Which are the most relevant changes?  We start talking about Gucci, the

What to do in Mykonos – 2023 Edition.

 Here we go! The summer season is about to start; Greece, but above all the islands, is preparing to welcome millions of tourists who choose the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean every year. You know that we have a specific mention of Mykonos and Santorini, the islands we love the most.  First of all,

A tour in the most luxurious Mall of Greece 

Would you like to have a break from the beautiful sea of Psarou beach? We suggest a walk at Nammos Village, a branch of Mykonos’s homonymous and more famous beach club. We had the chance to visit this mall, and we have been impressed by the opulence and the attention to detail. The constructions follow

Our wins and fails of the 2022 Summer in Mykonos

Mykonos 2022. With an eye already to the upcoming season, we greet this summer with our personal opinions regarding the best newcomers, the confirms, and only a few things we didn’t appreciate. It will not be a ranking, and we want to underline that everything is based on our taste. Don’t take it personally! Byblos’s

Live your original shopping experience in Mykonos

Thanks to its energy, Mykonos Island has become a forge of new ideas, high-quality products, and services made in Greece. There is specific attention to a wise craft like it is tailored. It’s a comprehensive definition that embraces the agro-food, fashion, life experiences, and generally the lifestyle the Cyclades Islands deliver.  Let’s start our tour

All the news of the 2022 Mykonos Summer 

The summer season is in full swing. Mykonos is perhaps the demonstration of the desire to leave behind these problematic years of pandemic and start over. The beach clubs, the most exclusive clubs, and the luxury offer are precisely the basis of this desire for life. Making the island one of the most sought-after (and
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Sunglasses: 90s trend

The nineties style evolved from an eclectic mix of trends and counter-culture fashions that occurred in reaction to the contrived designs of the power-mad eighties. Regardless of whether designs from this era are classified as vintage, there is no doubt that the key events in 1990s fashion and music were influential in shaping the style

Viaggiare in Grecia nel 2022, tutto quello che (già) sappiamo.

Nell’arco di un mese, la Grecia inaugurerà la stagione estiva 2022. I collegamenti via nave fra le isole, come Mykonos e Santorini, saranno garantiti su base giornaliera. Mentre gli aeroporti inizieranno ad accogliere i turisti provenienti dall’estero, principalmente dall’Europa e dagli Stati Uniti. A differenza degli ultimi due anni, è molto probabile che i documenti

Giambattista Valli met Kopajos in Mykonos

Since 2005, Giambattista Valli has run his eponymous Maison, playing his concept of the woman’s elegance. He gained his experience working at Roberto Capucci, Fendi, and being the creative director of Emanuel Ungaro. Right after, Valli understood it was the right time to express his idea of fashion. So, he moved to Paris from Italy,