Our wins and fails of the 2022 Summer in Mykonos


Our wins and fails of the 2022 Summer in Mykonos

 Mykonos 2022

Mykonos 2022.

With an eye already to the upcoming season, we greet this summer with our personal opinions regarding the best newcomers, the confirms, and only a few things we didn’t appreciate. It will not be a ranking, and we want to underline that everything is based on our taste. Don’t take it personally!

Byblos’s Mykonos 2022

We can’t start without mentioning Byblos’s positive impact in revitalizing an area of Mykonos Town where only La Maison de Katrin was the main attraction. Even though the renovation took a long time, the result was successful for this Peruvian-Japanese restaurant.

They have transformed an abandoned garden is something exclusive, with both elegant and extravagant furniture (see the three giant birdhouses in the right corner, ready to receive guests). The aethereal atmosphere comes with chilling music and a “gourmet adventure from Perù to Japan.”

See the menù here.

The new Italico restaurant

The new Italico restaurant convinced us. It brought more value to the high-quality Mediterranean cuisine, perfectly competing with Bagatelle and Tuya Restaurants, which raised the french flag. 

 Mykonos 2022

The histrionic Alessandro Verdenelli is the chef who realized the menù you find at this link.

We hope he will continue this precious collaboration.

Even if there is a predominance of fish-based dishes in the first part of the menù, there is an entire page for meat dishes. Vegetarian and vegan options are mainly in the main pasta courses. 

Take the time to appreciate the very long wine list coming from different Italy regions: let the staff suggest the perfect one for your dinner.

Kopajos sunglasses

The 2022 Kopajos sunglasses new collection rocked this summer. With six new acetate frames, Camille Montes, Diego A. M., Goodjockey, Mauris, Lina, and Tanaka, and a new titanium frame, Willard White, the latest display looked more generous than ever. Also, Moonraker and Kamal Khan are now coming in titanium, improving the fit thanks to their small weight.

The female model is wearing Camille Montes. The male model wears Carlos Sunglasses, both from Kopajos

We’ll wait forward to the next move of this luxurious sunglasses brand. Discover more.

Scorpios Mykonos 2022

A reconfirmation came from Scorpios now that almost all the COVID-19 restrictions ended. It seemed the aura was like before the pandemic heavily struck Mykonos. 

 Mykonos 2022

If you’re planning to visit our island next year, we suggest reserving your spot online.

Paraga beach is one of the most protected from the wind, so spending a day there before reaching the Scorpios bar may be a good idea.

What to expect from what will be one of the best dancing nights of your life? A cool environment made of people strictly selected by bouncers to keep the good vibes and catchy music from DJs coming from all over the world. Dance until it’s dark because it’s gonna be a night you will remember! 

We recommend visiting the Scorpios Bazar curated by Caravana, both there and online.

Nusr-et Saltbae Burger Mykonos in Goumenio Square

We are disappointed by the new Nusr-et Saltbae Burger Mykonos in Goumenio Square, Mykonos Town. The staff must work on welcoming and keeping the guests at ease. 

In this picture Nusr-Et is wearing Hector Gonzales sunglasses from Kopajos

We leave any discussion about the menù and the prices on the side. Still, we firmly believe that a high prices must come with unquestionable quality. Let’s assume it has been a running-in season for the Nusr-et team. The open location is excellent, among other traditional restaurants, art galleries, and the “La Bottega Ottica,” so there is potential.

 Mykonos 2022

Panaidis Eyewear

We believe Panaidis Eyewear would have done better this year. The selection seemed not contemporized, with no relevant brands added to the customer’s choice. May it be because of their new opening in Fira, Santorini?

It appears that the concept moved to exclusively top brands, like Celine, Dita, Balenciaga, Gucci, Tom Ford, and others. Still, they’re clearly missing the new market proposal.

Our words have a simple meaning: there is no optical store in Mykonos selling multi-brands, apart from Ralph’s Diner, located outside the town, offering such high-quality products. The competition is challenging in the sunglasses sector, so these boutiques must be different and with unique spectacles.

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