Mykonos and Santorini Lifestyle

The 70s era, an upcoming trend.

Since the 70s is going to be the hot tendency of 2023, it’s essential to know the history of a decade that inherited the freedom of the previous years, making trends that influenced that generation.  Today we perceive this mood in fashion, music, and other artistic fields. Let’s focus on sunglasses and let’s try to

Our wins and fails of the 2022 Summer in Mykonos

Mykonos 2022. With an eye already to the upcoming season, we greet this summer with our personal opinions regarding the best newcomers, the confirms, and only a few things we didn’t appreciate. It will not be a ranking, and we want to underline that everything is based on our taste. Don’t take it personally! Byblos’s

Live your original shopping experience in Mykonos

Thanks to its energy, Mykonos Island has become a forge of new ideas, high-quality products, and services made in Greece. There is specific attention to a wise craft like it is tailored. It’s a comprehensive definition that embraces the agro-food, fashion, life experiences, and generally the lifestyle the Cyclades Islands deliver.  Let’s start our tour

Where to find the best sunglasses brands in Santorini

Although shopping isn’t one of the recommended experiences in Santorini, sunglasses and optical stores are numerous, all of them in Thira and Oia. Some of these are even chain stores; this is our fine selection. As for the stores’ guide, we delivered for Mykonos, we point out this is a list updated to 2022 summer

The most exclusive hotels in Santorini

Santorini island specialized in welcoming high-end tourists in recent years, with some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Wellness, utilities, and the exclusive panoramas made these locations, literally, gilded cases. Some of them enriched their proposals, differing the kind of rooms, and investing in other spots of the island, for a more complete

All the news of the 2022 Mykonos Summer 

The summer season is in full swing. Mykonos is perhaps the demonstration of the desire to leave behind these problematic years of pandemic and start over. The beach clubs, the most exclusive clubs, and the luxury offer are precisely the basis of this desire for life. Making the island one of the most sought-after (and

Where to buy international sunglasses in Mykonos

Our journey in Mykonos continues talking about the international sunglasses brands to watch in the 2022 summer season. All of them are available on the island, but where? Our guide could ease this search.  With more than 15 stores in town and outside of it, we will focus on those with the most plenty selections.

What to do in Santorini

It’s time to land on Santorini! The beautiful Aegean pearl offers many leisure activities to consider for your journey. Still, some of them are not so well-known. Let us suggest our favourites! Get your shoes ready; we’re going to walk a little around the volcano island, discovering its cultural identity in deep. 1. A Sailing

2022-23 Fall Winter Giambattista Valli Runway

Giambattista Valli did again a great job. Last week he presented his last ready-to-wear collection for the 2023 fall-winter season, and the glam, the romance still dominated the primary essence of his exhibition. First of all, the choice of the palette is intriguing. Along with white, pink, and red representing a leitmotiv in Giambattista’s work,

The restaurants we suggest for your vacation in Santorini

Santorini island has a particular culinary tradition. The local “cherry tomato” production that once supplied the country has been slowly replaced by grapes, which is more profitable.  It didn’t determine a disinterest anyway for cuisine that today looks towards more cosmopolitan tendencies and new ingredients through all the restaurants on the island. Here’s a small,