Santorini 2023 – Let’s be clear. [PART 1]

Santorini 2023 – Let’s be clear. [PART 1]

Oia view, Santorini island, July 2023

In 2023, social media have been full of videos where various content creators invite tourists to visit other islands of the Greek archipelagos besides Mykonos and Santorini.

Unfortunately, all the information these influencers share needs to be more accurate. They seem to want to scold the two most famous islands because they do not represent authentic Greece.

Respect every place’s traditions and leave gossip behind. Don’t be fooled by those who believe the truth lies in their pockets. Travel bloggers are not unfailing.
We know that Santorini is famous for its views, thanks to its unique geology; anyway, comparing this island with others in different latitudes is a mistake. Greece is a country made of – in its own way – beautiful locations.

Are fake news essential to get five minutes’ glory? We don’t think so.


Tourism changed, and this is a fact. Relaxing vacations are no longer the first choice, neither staying for a long time in a single place to learn more about it. Fast tourism is on top, with the last goal of marking as many visited locations as possible.
It’s clear there is no intent to get deep into an area, so to create unforgettable memories. We don’t put any location in the center because we pass by quickly; we are the only center we care about.

Overtourism is changing small-town and local habits to rearrange the reception of large crowds. Unfortunately, this process homologates areas that are peculiar in their own way. Experiences become artificial: landscapes are just the background for pictures, and local businesses are forced to meet the demand. In our situation, visiting Santorini exclusively for the caldera threats to transform this genuine place into a parody.
We want to share our thoughts about what to expect from a vacation here in Santorini, for 2023 and more.


Are you planning a full-time beach vacation? Pick a different island, or add one to your tour, like Folegandros or Amorgos. Caldera’s sea is stunning both for the view and the color, but you will need something else to fulfill your sea needs.
Santorini has three famous – mostly not equipped – coastlines:


White Beach, Vlychada Area. We believe it’s the most beautiful. You can reach it by boat from the red beach. Grey/White colossal rocks and the blue sea are the main attraction of this side of Santorini that points towards Crete.


Rocks of Red Beach, Santorini. These are difficult to climb. Get the right shoes before even trying!

Red Beach, Akrotiri area. One of the island’s most famous spots, it is also one of the most difficult to reach. Take anti-slip or closed-toe shoes with you; walking between rocks on the downhill to get to the sseaside is difficult and uncomfortable.


Black Beach, Kamari area. As we previously said, White and Red beaches have no equipped beaches. We suggest bringing everything you need for your day at the beach. In case you want more comfort, visit Black Beach.

There is a very chic beach club named Seaside by Notos, with a sophisticated restaurant. The chef there is the beach owner, too; it grants a careful refinement.
The sea there is not exceptional, but for the reason above we believe it worths a visit. ( (Google Maps


On the opposite of the Caldera, in the Exo Yalos area, there is another lovely beach bar, Yalos.

You will get the direction and a glimpse of what you can expect through these links ( (  

The Greek hospitality will balance other expectations you may have regarding the beach itself. 


Ammoudi Bay, Santorini. The first bay is where the restaurants are located.

One of the fewest places within the Caldera where to swim is Ammoudi Bay, a beautiful cove down Oia Village. Getting there by foot is an intensive experience: you will descend and climb 300 steps unless you want to avoid exploiting a poor donkey; some locals still practice this cruelty. You can reach the area by car or a motorbike through a one-way road from Oia you can’t miss!

Ammoudi Bay has a first cove full of restaurants and the boats’ port; there is another small creek right after where to swim. Reaching that point is difficult, but the water is crystal clear, like in all the caldera.


We in the team also highly recommend a catamaran ride. Your perspective of Santorini will change; it will be a way to see the island’s wonders differently. We turned to Sunset Oia, a company specializing in this service, located in Oia, next to the Andronis Major boutique and the Kopajos sunglasses shop.

You can choose from various options; the morning tour, which reaches the beaches that we have listed before, with lunch offered on board, a ride to the hot waters near the active volcano in the center of the caldera and return; or the afternoon tour that will culminate with the most romantic sunset of your life or the catamaran where you dance all the time. Private tours are also available.


The last tip for the sea is a visit to Thirasia. Thirasia is practically a strip of land in front of Oia. It will be like walking through Santorini 50 years ago. It has a small port called Manolas where people eat and swim; the water is transparent, a perfect place to visit. The transfer from Oia costs €2 per person and takes a few minutes to arrive.

Part 2 of our guide will be dedicated to activities allowing you an authentic local experience.

Visit also our guideline for a 2023 vacation in Mykonos too, so to compare it with Santorini:

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