Santorini 2023 – Let’s be clear. [PART 2]

Santorini 2023 – Let’s be clear. [PART 2]

Let us explore why a vacation in Santorini won’t pair with the decadent, kind of romantic idea of a vacation on any other Greek island. 


Santorini’s shape is the first thing to keep into account. Where could you find a place like this in the entire world? In a half hour, you move from the coast to the mountain. Test yourself with an enough simple 10km long trekking path. The ancient line connecting Fira to Oia and vice versa is the destination for those who want an experience in touch with nature. 

We suggest the arrival at Oia from the Church at the village’s entrance and continuing the walk to the Castle’s ruins. 


Everybody wants to attend the sunset, the most incredible event to live in Santorini.  

We suggest having a drink in the afternoon. An unpretending place, with a pool and a bar, is Pool Bar – Lioyerma Oia Santorini (, ideally before dinner.

It is chicer but either a more expensive Pac-Man Santorini ( on the opposite side of the one where everybody attends the sunset. There is a beautiful pool and a pricey drink and wine list; you couldn’t expect less since this project belongs to Andronis, well trained in 5 stars hospitality. 

It seems like an attempt to bring the Scorpios concept from Mykonos to Santorini or create a new experience lacking on the island.



Get lost on Fira’s street, especially downtown, if you want to have a drink or clubbing. “Two Brothers” is a historic pub in Santorini, and it’s perfect if you are under 25. For something more sophisticated, try Tango. Both places are close to each other, equally distant from Gold Street. 

If you want to go to “Two Brothers,” take “Kopajos sunglasses store” as a reference, keeping it on your right side; turn right, you can’t miss the pub. 

For “Tango Santorini,” take the street to the cableway, and turn immediately to the left when you see the jewelry shop with the Chopard sign. You will reach your destination in a minute.

For something more exclusive, visit the upper part of Fira, in the Firostefani area. Besides the breathtaking views, you will find some gems we will not reveal here. Be part of the discovery you can make while traveling on Santorini.

Oia, unfortunately, is poor for nightlife. There are three bars: 

Hassapiko or Marykay’s Bar is a pub with a public between 20 and 35 years. Marykay represents the story of Oia, standing in its location for years. You can enjoy a pleasant evening but do not expect something special. (

Mezzo Bar and Restaurant is a place we do not recommend visiting, both for the service and the general attendance. 

Luno Bar is close to Sunset Oia boat agency, and there you find some people until 1 a.m. Unfortunately, as Mezzo, even Luno is an unlucky attempt to bring nightlife to Oia.



Santorini has a relevant historical past; it allows us to consider a cultural side other islands can’t offer to visitors. In the south, the archeological Akrotiris site was discovered in the 1860s, with scheduled digs a century later. Akrotiri was so big at the moment of the explosion of Thera’s volcano that it nourished the legend that Atlantis, the lost island, coincided with Akrotiri. 

A large part of the found artifacts are today in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira. The tools and beautiful pictorial scenes taken from the palaces for preservation can be seen there. For a total immersion in the past, for just 15€, you could buy a ticket lasting three days that gives you access to Akrotiri, the Ancient Thera site, and the museum itself.

Suppose you want to spend some time breathing the Santorini fresh air. In that case, we suggest an afternoon walk in the traditional villages of Megalochori (Μεγαλοχώρι) and Pyrgos, this last one the most ancient settlement of Santorini’s modern age. Neither of these places leans on the caldera, so this could be a way to know something about inner Santorini.

A wine tour is another tempting experience to put in your bucket list. There are a lot of vineyards here in Santorini, and some of them are pretty recent: fifty years ago indeed, a significant part of the farmers here left the local cherry tomato cultivation, which was another considerable uniqueness of the island. They promoted instead the propagation trellis shaped like a basket, which you can see almost on every side of Santorini’s streets. We recommend Domaine Sigalas or ask your hotel if they have any promotions with other wineries.

If you want to shop, we mention a short list of stores: 

MENTI Santorini, in Oia, if you are searching for woman’s dresses with colored textures for your Greek summer.

Kopajos Sunglasses and Panaidis Eyewear for sunglasses are both in Fira and Oia. The first is perfect if you are looking for a local, super original brand, whereas the second is if you want to buy a known one, such as Balenciaga, Cartier, Celine, Chrome Hearts, Dior, Dita, Fendi, Givenchy, Gucci, Jacques Marie Mages, Linda Farrow, Loewe, Mykita, Off White, Oliver Peoples, Ray Ban, and Tom Ford.

For both men and women, you can find Ammos boutiques exclusively in Oia, with local and international brands.


The keyword here is: relax. We may add an adjective that is complete. The ideal vacation here starts with a perfect awakening looking at the caldera view. Who offers this fantastic service? Bunch of hotels. 

We want to suggest one. 


Canaves Oia is right before the village entrance if you come from the mountain route. Rooms have been fully renovated in 2017: get ready to dive in white. The contrast with the sky/sea blue from the window is fantastic. Get into the numerous activities that Canaves Oia offers: a relaxing massage on the caldera view, the luxurious infinity pool, spa, and gym. 

What are the experiences you can have? Get a boat tour and sail the caldera on one of the Canaves Oia private catamarans. 

Then, food is a must here. Private dining events and an aromatic wine-tasting experience can be scheduled. The Canaves Oia group has four different restaurants, but we recommend visiting Petra ( for a relaxing evening. 

If you want to go deep into Santorini, walk on the Fira-Oia path.


We invite you also to have a walk in the village. There are beautiful monuments to see (like Oia’s Castle) and stores. In particular, we noticed Kopajos sunglasses (, close to Canaves Oia and the Andronis boutiques. Get a unique pair of greek designed sunglasses there to remember your luxurious stay in Santorini. 

Book your relaxing getaway at Canaves Oia here:

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