Live your original shopping experience in Mykonos

Live your original shopping experience in Mykonos

Thanks to its energy, Mykonos Island has become a forge of new ideas, high-quality products, and services made in Greece. There is specific attention to a wise craft like it is tailored. It’s a comprehensive definition that embraces the agro-food, fashion, life experiences, and generally the lifestyle the Cyclades Islands deliver. 

Let’s start our tour walking through the streets of Mykonos Town with a see at the stores and boutiques we selected for you all.


Since Greece is famous for its local products, you must visit Midas in Dilou Street, a sweet food emporium in the center of Mykonos Town. 

Everything is artisanal, made in different parts of the mainland and insular Greece. Midas follows the idea of the KM0 philosophy, focusing on the food’s freshness and origin. 

Buy the classic wine, the super sweet honey in different flavors, or the traditional greek candies, the  EVO oil, and sundried products (like tomatoes you can smash on plates or rehydrate.) The 100ml size is available, perfect for any flight and hand luggage. 

We suggest, if possible, tasting a piece of a beehive. Our focus is on Chios mastic, a liquor made from a specific resin flowing from local trees and mixed with herbs. A sweet, dry taste is perfect after dinner.

Reach Midas finding it on a navigator device, or taking as reference the restaurant “Cahtrine” keeping it on the left hand. There is Dilou Street, and right after the Sunglasses Concept Store Mill, Midas is a few meters away.

Our walk through Mykonos narrow streets continues leaving Midas behind us. Right after the Avant-garde shop Elixir, we reach the crossroad with Kalogera, the coolest and most elegant street on the island. Nikos Koulis jewelry temple is in front of us, offering just a glimpse of the hidden masterpieces they have inside. We can just imagine the wonders of this boutique, or we can have a look at the website.


The austere look with a few geometries recalls the architectonical dawn of the Cycladic style, exalting the elegant pieces on sale. On, all the collections are available.

We fell in love with Medusa, a name inspired by the mythological creature whose head was covered in snakes. The monothematic symbolism got us: snakes are full of different colors and details combined with various stones. 

Among the testimonials, we can mention Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, wearing a pair of fabulous Nikos Koulis earrings in 2019 at “The Lion King” premiere. Here’s the photo.

We warmly suggest buying a piece of his recent capsule collection, a sophisticated reinterpretation of a greek symbol, the ματάκι in greek, which protects from bad luck and illnesses.

Walking on Kalogera Street, dwell on the extravagant sculpture of the “Simple Gallery” store, pass by the new french restaurant “Tuya,” and on the left side, you will find Dior. Do not expect to find anything unique compared to other brand boutiques. Still, a stop is behooved, even if just for taking a picture of the “J’ADIOR MYKONOS” motto in neon.


We suggest you spend more time in the most original sunglasses store on the island, the one and only sunnies brand of the Cycladic Islands, Kopajos. It also has a Santorini branch with two boutiques in Fira and Oia. 

Despite the wide range of prices between 170€ and 350€, the promise is always to offer a high-quality pair of sunglasses before selling a fashion brand you may not know. The store is very large, designed for an eye-catching display that invites anyone to try out at least one model. 

The dominant layout colors, blue and white, mix with sparks of green, orange, and red from the skeletons and lenses of the sunglasses. Follow your imagination and resume Kopajos’ words, “be proud bringing home a piece of Greece with you.” 

Our suggestions are for Carlos, which fits everybody, and Dr. No, a classic of the collection. Try also Frank Wild, a big aviator style with an irrelevant weight; it’s going to be like not having a pair of sunglasses on your nose!


Leaving Kopajos, the Off-White store is in front, but let’s continue our walk reaching the upcoming crossroad, this time with Matogianni street, the most famous of Mykonos. Moving on the right, getting over to Jorjy boutique, opposite Lunette Mykonos, we shop in Maurizio. 

It’s the perfect place to test the Cycladic linen’s quality. The dresses are tailored by excellent manufacture, both long and short. Blouse shirts with a comfortable fit, trousers, scarves, and similar kimonos are available, taking care of all the details.

Prices start from 300€ and can easily reach 900€, but we’re talking about high-value clothes; the high expense is correlated to the unquestionable quality you’re selecting. This linen will be with you for years, not just for a single season. 

The collection is available on


Let’s go back to the crossroad and proceed with our tour. Not so far away, there is Panaidis Eyewear boutique, one of the most relevant high-quality sunglasses chain stores in Greece. It has shops in Athens and Santorini too. Here’s a wide selection of well-known brands worldwide, like Rayban, Celine, Linda Farrow, Mykita, Oliver People, and more. 

The store’s display creates a relevant impact with light colors and elegant marbles. 


If you feel hungry, we suggest three different options that could be alternatives for other days. The first one is the characteristic greek gyros you must get from Sakis. 


In case you want to sit and taste authentic greek cuisine, stay in Kalogera and go to “To Maerio,” the greekest taverna you could find in Mykonos. And if you want to eat by the sea, go to the old port and try Kazarma. We bet you’re gonna appreciate the freshness of the food.


We end this shopping at Cosset Design, a 20 years company that combines sophisticated design and a high customization rate. It shows a side that Mykonos does not show so often. Theodore Zacharis & Marios Sergidis are the two minimal designers with a style that perfectly matches the contemporary Cycladic architecture. 

The duo doesn’t use only materials coming from Greece, but the manufacture is 100% local. You will find indoor and outdoor furniture, house accessories, and lamps. 

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