The most exclusive hotels in Santorini

The most exclusive hotels in Santorini


Santorini island specialized in welcoming high-end tourists in recent years, with some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Wellness, utilities, and the exclusive panoramas made these locations, literally, gilded cases.

Some of them enriched their proposals, differing the kind of rooms, and investing in other spots of the island, for a more complete experience. 

All those who got a mention here are in Oia, the most charming area of Santorini you probably already know if you search for a random pic of Greece. 

Here is the information you need to find them easily.

Atrina 1894 – –


Although Santorini’s streets don’t have names, using some reference points could help reach a destination. Let’s start with a hotel located at the beginning of Oia, from the mountain road. 

If you are coming without a car transfer, you must find a parking area. You may be lucky to find one along the street. 

We suggest taking as a landmark the Kopajos Sunglasses Shop, a few meters away from the hotel’s entrance, which is very simple to notice thanks to the big signs outside of it. Once in front of Sunset Oia Catamarn Agency, the stunning caldera view will be there, waiting to be admired.

The concierge office welcomes guests in a small white room before leading them to the actual hotel built immediately down below. Online pictures talk by themselves; we would like to spend a few words on the numerous experiences Atrina offers.

Besides the predictable in-room massage, the hotel knows what to suggest when it comes to the wine tasting experience or planning a helicopter tour around Santorini. It can help you also mediate on the best car rental price, arrange a van with a personal driver, or tell you which sailing company for a trip with the catamaran.

Canaves Oia Suites – –


Canaves Oia is probably one of the most prestigious hôtellerie groups on Santorini. All the hotels are in the best spots of Oia (mainly the Boutique Hotel, Suites, and the Epitome), congenial for those who want to wake up embraced by the caldera and the sea.

The boutique hotel is right at the beginning of Oia village. How to get there? Keep on your right hand the beautiful caldera; on your left hand, you will find the sunglasses shop Kopajos, Sunset Oia Catamaran Company until reaching Saint George Church. Get into the hotel on the right side or by the street entrance, a few meters away. 

On the opposite side of Oia is the Epitome Hotel, another jewel of the Canaves group that stares at the open sea. Utilities are the same provided by the other hospitality facilities. Who seeks peace should choose Epitome, as it dominates on the Ammoudi Bay. 

Furthermore, it progresses the construction of a new hotel next to the turn, in an area that’s becoming increasingly a retreat for people who want to relax. We suggest renting a car or having a private driver because the uphill to go back to the village is pretty steep.

Secret Santorini – –


Set about 400 meters from Saint George’s church, this hotel is easily recognizable for its unique sign. It is a convoluted old-style key representing an invitation to embrace this facility’s experience.

The word “secret” comes with all the possible things offered, even though many of them are similar to those delivered by similar hotels. 

Get a massage, rent a car or have a driver to go around, do a helicopter tour or sail the sea with a catamaran. 

Go “private ” for the food or wine tasting experiences; try the picnic. The staff is available to arrange private or special events and can guide you to cooking classes. The boutique right outside the hotel leaves to be desired for the product selection and the disorder, something you do not expect from this kind of luxury facility.

Cavo Tagoo Santorini – –


Let’s leave Oia, reaching Imerovigli for now. Fifteen lovely rooms look out at one of the most suggestive views of the caldera, right close to the trekking path, rich in the natural beauty of Santorini. 

Like its counterpart in Mykonos, this hotel has the infinity pool that ideally reaches the breathtaking panorama. Imagine sunbathing and lying on those beds, permeated by a wellness feeling that this hotel wants to share. 

For an evocative experience, we suggest booking for sunset time, drinking a cocktail, and listening to a fine musical selection by the resident Dj. 

Rooms come in different sizes and with increasing comforts, all of them with a private pool (out in the air, so don’t imagine the cave effect like in Mykonos) and a great variety of experiences, like the helicopter tour, the wine tasting, the catamaran trip and the chance to arrange events. 

What makes Cavo Tagoo different from the other hotels of the same level is the restaurant inside, the Vezené. The famous chef Ari Vezené has been able to put the traditional flavor of greek cuisine in a melancholic, refined frame of a french-style bistrò.

Food offer change by the meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in fact, have three different concepts. Get more information by clicking the following link:

Cavo Tagoo Santorini doesn’t have any boutiques. We suggest having a walk in Oia if shopping has the priority.

Andronis –


“If you want all, we have it all” is the well-known slogan of the hôtellerie group “Andronis,” and the vortex logo symbolizes this hospitality war machine’s strength. Hotels between Oia, where it all began, Imerovigli, and Athens. 

Experiences and wellness are very similar to the other competitors; let’s focus on some peculiarities, Lycabettus restaurant and Pac-Man Santorini, the bar with a pool where to dive into the sunset. 

Lycabettus restaurant is for those who are seeking a magic place perched on a strip, trapped between the sea and rocks, with a stratospheric (and expensive!) menù. Chef Christos Karagiannis is an artist because all his dishes are presented with touching perfection. Tasting proceeds with an accurate choice of the main ingredients in favor of seasonal food and cutting-edge technique. 


You can go a-la-carte or choose, but only for dinner time, for different degustation menù, between 150 and 240€ for a person. There is a wide range of fish and meat, which is limited for vegetarians and vegans. It’s possible paying an extra and ask for a more personalized menù, based on personal needs. Pac-Man Santorini is on the other side of the caldera, inside Andronis Arcadia. The pool where to wait for the sunset is marvelous, the waiters are incredibly polite, and the cocktail selection and wines are generous. Like for Lycabettus, prices are high, but we recommend Pac-Man to those searching for a relaxing environment.

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