The restaurants we suggest for your vacation in Santorini

The restaurants we suggest for your vacation in Santorini

Santorini island has a particular culinary tradition. The local “cherry tomato” production that once supplied the country has been slowly replaced by grapes, which is more profitable. 

It didn’t determine a disinterest anyway for cuisine that today looks towards more cosmopolitan tendencies and new ingredients through all the restaurants on the island.

Here’s a small, helpful guide of suggested restaurants, in different Santorini locations, for a unique taste experience. Before we begin, a little disclaimer: Santorini doesn’t have addresses. Be patient and try to orient yourself; we’re trying to provide you with the most helpful information to move around.

Feredini – Oia Area – +302286071825 –

A fun fact regarding the Oia restaurants is that those looking at the caldera are limited. If one closes, a new one can open.

Feredini is at the beginning (or at the ending, it depends where your walk begins) of Oia, in front of sunglasses store Kopajos and the catamaran rental Sunset Oia.

The spot is unbelievable; it grants a clear view of a part of the inner caldera. Imerovigli rises a little further away on the edge of the old volcano. You can have a glimpse of Fira, and the islands of Therasia and Nea Kameni dominate the rest of the panorama. That’s the reason why we suggest this restaurant both day and night.

Talking about the menu, Feredini embraces the greek cuisine tradition both in flavors and servings, from the starters until the desserts. Vegetarian plates are available.

The kitchen offers various meat-based dishes, first courses with pasta and risotto, all with local ingredients, including wild mushrooms. There is no shortage of salads, including the typical Santorini one, rich in cherry tomatoes.

The wines and drinks selection is generous. You do not enjoy the sun that plunges into the Cycladic sea at sunset. Still, the suggestive colors that only Santorini offers can make up for this lack.

Our hint: spiced risotto with courgette and avgolemono mousse (a local greek dip with lemon and eggs).

Dimitris – Ammoudi Bay, Oia – +30 2286071606 –

Getting to Amoudi Bay is difficult either by foot (descending and climbing more than 350 steps from Oia) or by car (it’s difficult to park there); in case relaxing swimming there makes you hungry, we suggest trying Dimitris Taverna.

The crystal water of the Amoudi docking contrasts with the more intense of the caldera. A narrow path brings to the bay where to swim. As background, the island of Therasia, with the beautiful Oia view dominating the bay, with its blue domes and the crumbling castle.

Personnel is outstanding, easygoing, directed by a Canadian lady who has lived on Santorini for decades.

Dishes are the kind of traditional you may expect from a Greek restaurant: greek salad, hummus, fried zucchini, marinated anchovies, the cherry salad from Santorini, a great variety of fresh fish, served both fried and grilled, and pasta with seafood and lobster.

White wines will help you swallow the generous portions that will be offered to you.

After an energetic espresso, we recommend not to get any dessert; we believe they are the biggest flaw of this place. The value for money is also excellent.

Our suggestion: tomatokeftedes (tomato balls, a typical Santorini dish).

Naos – +30 22860 72413 –

In the heart of Oia, a renovated historic house has Naos, a refined restaurant with a beautiful terrace overlooking the main walking street, not far from the church of Panagia Paraportianni and its spacious square.

A necessary premise is that the very high quality of the ingredients the sophistication of the menu correspond to higher prices when compared to the other restaurants on this list or, in general, in Santorini. We still want to suggest it to you, for a special occasion or a taste experience that you will not forget.

The menu offers a wide choice of appetizers, with shellfish and seafood (such as octopus), entirely vegetable options (salads), meat tartare, and caviar. The main dishes are fish (red sea bream, sea bass, and hake fillet) and meat (lamb and beef, as is traditional in Greek cuisine).

It is possible to request additional vegetarian options from the waiters.

The desserts are excellent, but there is Melenio, a pastry shop that offers tasty cakes and other delicacies right across the street: would it be too much trying both on the same evening?

We also recommend Naos for a drink, given the modern setting.

Our suggestion: Sifnos’ revithada roast sea bass, grilled mussels, tempura caper leaves with parsley pesto, and capers.

Kokkalo – +30 22860 25407 –

The word “kokkalo” means bone in greek; note a funny detail entering the restaurant since the handle is shaped like a bone. The place is between Fira and Firostefani, not on the stunning caldera side but on the opposite, looking at the rocky roads towards the Aegean Sea.

The environment is delightful. The restaurant works the entire year, so cooking classes and events are scheduled every week.

The menu has a solid Greek tradition for the meat-based dishes with pork, chicken, lamb, etc. A careful search of products moreover grants matured meats that are very appreciated.

A lot of vegetarian and vegan alternatives are available. Pay attention to the fact that many fish-based dishes in Greece are considered vegetarian. The menù is anyway extremely detailed, stating precisely the products and their characteristics.

Good value for money and the staff is professional and friendly.

Our suggestion: the Pandesia salad and the sliced beef matured for 6/8 weeks.

Metaxi Mas – +30-22860 31323 –

Our tasty journey continues towards the southern side of Santorini, making a stop in the center, climbing the peaks of the ancient gutted volcano, arriving near Pyrgos, in the Exo Gonia area. Here, around the Agios Charalambos church, there is probably the best greek Taverna in Santorini, and probably in all the Cyclades islands.

Metaxi Mas (that means between us) is open only at night; we warmly recommend making a reservation. Getting a table during summer is very difficult; we suggest dining outside because the environment, the fresh air, and the shining lights of Santorini will keep you company.

The menu does not provide ingredients coming from abroad. It’s more a journey of taste in the Mediterranean Sea. As usual, a significant part of the dishes have meat and fish, but squids, octopus, mussels cooked in different ways are available.

In fact, not everyone knows that Greece, despite being famous for its sea, has a tradition linked to cattle breeding.

Our recommendation is for the broccoli soufflé, a dish that is difficult to find in Greek restaurants. Therefore we recommend that you order from Metaxi Mas.

The Dolphins – +302286081151 –

We finish our voyage of discovery of Santorini in the southern part of the island, the one facing Crete, in the Akrotiri area, the famous archaeological excavation site. The Dolphins is an easy-going restaurant, with a portico and a small pier with tables set simply.

Expect a typically Greek service, jovial but meager, which is also reflected in an inexpensive bill. The portions are generous, so beware of the number of dishes to order.

In addition to traditional Greek dishes, such as Greek salad, Santorini salad, feta with olives, soups, hummus, aubergine cream, and so on, the restaurant specializes in fish dishes. The catch of the day is undoubtedly very fresh.

Our suggestion: Spaghetti with lobster.

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