Top 5 Mykonos Beach

Fokos Beach

Top 5 Mykonos Beach

Could you expect that a tiny island like Mykonos has a very high number of beaches and clubs along all of its coast? A single week won’t be enough even to get an idea.

So our first advice is to throw your old ticket and stay at least one week more! If it is not possible to spend more time with us, here are our top 5 recommended spots we think you cannot miss during your journey in Mykonos.

1. Scorpios – Paraga area – +30 2289 029250 – IG scorpiosmyk – FB @scorpiosmykonos

Scorpios Beach Club

The beach club is on Paraga beach, one of the most sheltered from the wind in Mykonos. Food and drinks are expensive but of excellent quality, and everything is related to the Mediterranean diet culture. Scorpios indeed describes itself as “We are what we eat”. Once at the restaurant, you may have a walk around, visiting the Caravana “tent” shop, with fine clothes and accessories, such as sunglasses, from both local and international brands. 

Don’t miss out on Thursday and Sunday aperitif at sunset, listening to the Dj set for the rest of the evening. The careful selection made at the entrance makes Scorpios exclusive, with an international appeal and people enjoying the chilling vibes of the place.

2. Liasti – Lia – +30 2289 072150 – IG liastimykonos – FB @liastimykonos

Liasti Beach Club

Even if the southeast coast of Mykonos island is more exposed to wind, a day spent in Liasti is absolutely recommended. The bay is crystal clear; beds are available at different prices for a relaxing experience, cuddled by an excellent staff directly under your umbrella. The best part is the restaurant where dishes present both a Greek and an Italian soul, thanks to the abundant options available. A pretty boutique has what you need for a trendy look at the sea.

3. Ornos beach

Ornos Beach

Ornos is a pretty small village 2km away from the bustle of Mykonos town. Everybody says that this is the favorite area for greek people to come and enjoy the sea. We may add they’re right! Thanks to double exposure, a windy shore is perfect for kitesurfing, whereas the other one is more wind-protected. Here, you could get access to several beach resorts, such as Go Ammos, Kuzina, and Aperanto Galazio, tasting well served, traditional local food, and lounging at sea. Prices are generally more affordable than other places on the island, but it doesn’t mean the quality is less.

4. Hippie Fish – IG hippiefishofficial – FB @hippiefishofficial

Hippie Fish Beach Club

Right on the front of Delos island, this beach club offers one of the best menù around Mykonos, with prices on average compared to other resorts. You will get the greek atmosphere through the astonishing view. A boutique with lovely products, both clothes, and accessories, is available.

5. Fokos

Fokos Beach

If the wind blows from the south and you are looking for a wilder experience, with no comfort or crowded shores, take this as the most precious tip we could give to you. Fokos is a bay on the north side of Mykonos, where there is – literally – nothing. Get ready to bring with you a chair or a beach towel, an umbrella, and everything you may need to spend a day just relaxing and having a swim. Sometimes you could be lucky enough to meet a beverage seller with a small selection of water, beer, and soft drinks.

Fokos is there to remind us of a kind of reality you wouldn’t expect from a place like Mykonos!

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