Welcome to the Mykonos and Santorini Summer 2024!

Mykonos and Santorini Summer 2024: Kalogera Street

Welcome to the Mykonos and Santorini Summer 2024!

Here we are! Summer is ready to start, and preparations are quivering in all the Greek islands, especially in Mykonos and Santorini, the most beautiful and famous islands in the world. Particularly, the narrow streets of Mykonos town are already invaded by tourists. Which are the most relevant changes? 

We start talking about Gucci, the newcomer to the most glamorous street of the islands, Kalogera Street. Relevant brands such as Dior, Kopajos, and Off White already exist there, as does the historic Greek tavern Maerio. 

The Kering group decided to compete with LVMH, also considering the Dior boutique enlargement on the same road. The 2024 season with these high-level brands, Gucci and Dior for high fashion, Kopajos for luxurious sunglasses, and Off-White for streetwear, promises to be terrific! 

Find all the information you need about the opening hours, the phone number, and Dior’s available products visiting Dior website, whereas for Gucci, it’s necessary to wait for the store to open officially. 

The new Kopajos Collection

We need to talk about the amazing Kopajos Sunglasses Store. The new shades collection will be incredible this year as well! After pushing on the beta-titanium super light sunglasses, as a Nordic brand as Lindberg did in the past, new frames will be available in both titanium and acetate.

The main goal is always to select easy-to-wear frames, even for concepts that provide a particular material thickness for the sunglasses themselves. The model in the picture wears the new Gareth, a titanium wayfarer mask. Gareth is defined by a single lens that runs over the bridge and fits the frame thanks to a specific joint. 

For more details, please visit Kopajos website. We also suggest the Kopajos IG page and Facebook profile.

Where to buy your new sunglasses in Mykonos

Our suggestion is still to trust someone who sells a unique product, like Kopajos, a brand that cares about your eyes’ health. In 2024, you can find sunglasses stores in Mykonos to suit all budgets. Apart from the actual shops like Lunettes, Boutique Optique, Preciseoptics, La Bottega Ottica Sunglasses, or Mill, we also welcomeKatakouzinos Eyewear Boutique.

The least known Mykonos beaches

Could you believe that there are still hidden bays with rarely visited beaches, even in Mykonos? Mirsini is one of these.

For orientation, you just have to consider Fokos Beach, located in the north of the island. The route to reach both Fokos and Mirsini is the same, but then the road splits in two to allow you to reach both coves. We strongly suggest visiting both on a wind-less day because this side of the island is strongly exposed.  

Mirsini Beach - Mykonos and Santorini Summer 2024!
Mirsini Beach – Mykonos

The other beach we propose is located 14km from Mykonos Town and is called Tigani. Compared with places like Super Paradise, Paradise, or Elia, which host thousands of people every year, Tigani is one of the least visited bays in Mykonos, so it offers a wild experience.