What to do in Mykonos – 2023 Edition.

What to do in Mykonos – 2023 Edition.

 Here we go! The summer season is about to start; Greece, but above all the islands, is preparing to welcome millions of tourists who choose the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean every year. You know that we have a specific mention of Mykonos and Santorini, the islands we love the most. 


First of all, the main big revolution is the end of the iconic Sea Satin, the restaurant known more for its dancing nights than the food. Principote Group, the beach club of Panormos Beach, bought the area. The historical La Maison de Katrine will change its location (since 1971) in Dilou Street, becoming the exclusive restaurant of the Carbonaki Hotel. The competition in the area with the new Byblos and Tuya Restaurants on Kalogera Street has become hard!

Billionaire leaves after only one year, so the unlucky experiment of the famous brand made by the Italian entrepreneur Flavio Briatore will not continue. The reasons could be the wrong area, the slowness in completing the renovation, and the difficulty competing with Mykonos’s incredible offer. 

Last but not least, Galleraki bar is about to close. The famous Little Venice spot, where to enjoy one of the best sunsets of Mykonos, will have new ownership. Renovations are proceeding in secret, but we will update you in detail! 

Now that we have finished our gossip time, what are our suggestions for your next trip to the Cyclades islands? Let’s see them together! 

Having your breakfast in Little Venice with the Mykonos Windmills view.

Little Venice is one of the most picturesque areas on the island. Its name is inspired by its narrow street and the houses that seem to come out from the Aegean Sea, like a taste of Venice (actually, there is a connection with the Italian lagoon city: you can find one of the Delos’ Lions in the Arsenale, living proof of the millenary history of this place).


Yesterday it was a fisherman’s village, today it’s one of the most requested destinations of Mykonos nightlife. We prefer Little Venice during the daylight for a quick breakfast before visiting a beach. We recommend all the places with tables next to the sea, like the Caprice, which has a rich menù for breakfast, with juices, smoothies, and salty and sweet food. 

The bill will not be cheap, but make your vacation unforgettable from the beginning! If there will be no free spots in Caprice, we also suggest Scarpa Bar or Veranda. 

A Drink at Jackie O Bar

It’s an iconic bar of Mykonos, like the nearby and louder Skandinavian Bar, one of the venues of the LGBTQ+ community, providing outstanding lipsyncs performed by the resident Drag Queens. If you want to attend the entire show, go to Super Paradise Beach or finish your night around Mykonos Town, mainly on non-windy days. Jackie O has one of the best audiences possible on the island. Are you ready to dance all night long and have fun with the rhythm of freeing music?



Kopajos, the sunglasses brand from Mykonos

The local sunglasses brand is taking things seriously, thanks to the new opening in Miami. Along with the greek customers, the American people have appreciated the innovation and the style Kopajos wants to deliver. We suggest visiting the shop in Mykonos Town on the super central Kalogera Street; you will be amazed by the incredible quantity of various available designs with names recalling James Bond’s characters and others talking about stories, tributes, and deep affective bonds. 

We want to suggest two designs on trend this year—the square oversize Emilie Loque, with a titanium skeleton and acetate rim-eye. 2023 is the perfect moment for a ’70s revival, all made of lights and passionate music; if you’re not looking desperately for a Gucci or Dior vintage sunnies that could be even too heavy due to their thickness, the solution provided by Emilie Loque could be a perfect compromise! If you want to know more, visit: www.kopajos.com/product/emilie-loque

The other classic we mention is the Baron Samedi aviator sunglasses. The shape has a complex structure delivering a detailed design, oversized but with a comfy fit thanks to the big nose pads. Arms have a spring hinge improving flexibility. Click here and discover all the combos we made for these sunglasses: www.kopajos.com/product/baron-samedi

A relaxing day at Solymar, sea, and music.

Solymar is located on Kalo Livadi bay, an atypical beach club for the Mykonos standards. You can feel the luxury thanks to the details of the facility and the beach, but even though this, you can feel a harmonic aura.The total design concept is an element that melts with the simplicity of barren nature. 

Solymar combines exclusivity with a laidback atmosphere, fun, and elegance of typical elements of the Mykonian summer. It will be like tasting the experience of the senses. In addition to the restaurant service and the boutique representing the introductory offer of a beach club, Solymar has a SPA area and other facilities, like a pier, parking, and the area where to charge electric cars, a private heliport landing zone, two minutes away from the beach.

Let’s talk about the events: there is the possibility of having your private party, but Solymar has a great list of DJs sequenced yearly to let the guest have fun. Expect an easygoing outdoor event on the sand and among people there for the same reason: relaxing to the music in an unforgettable summer frame. 

Relaxing shopping to Enny Monaco

Right next to Louis Vuitton Boutique in Mykonos town (different from the other on Psarou Beach Mall), there is an exquisite shop for everybody who desperately looks for luxury in Greece. Enny Monaco is located not just on the island but also in Athens in the Kolonaki area and around beautiful Glyfada.

There are not just dresses and accessories for her: from Enny Monaco, in fact, you can find an elegant selection for men, with outfits, shoes, accessories, and bags from the most wanted brand, like Louboutin, Kiton, and Balmain.

For women, the choice is dictated by a sophisticated seeking for high-quality products. Available brands are among the most requested today, starting with Aquazzura, whose founder Edgard Osorio almost every year pleased Mykonos with his presence and a pop-up store on the crossroad of Kalogera and Matogianni street in the precious center of the chora. 

There is also a dress selection from the latest Giambattista Valli collection; in 2021, the Italian designer chose a local sunglasses brand, Kopajos, to present his creations during one of the most recent catwalks. Enny Monaco has exclusively other haute couture labels, such as Balmain, Christian Louboutin, Elie Saab, Johanna Ortiz, Paco Rabanne, Swarovski, Victoria Beckham, Zeus+Dione, and Zimmermann.

An incredible stay at Semeli Hotel

Let’s finish this guide with a beautiful hotel. If you wish to stay close to the center but seek silence, a spot in Mykonos could fit your needs. 

We’re talking about Semeli Hotel, one of the best accommodation facilities on the island. If the enthusiastic reviews of hundreds of clients eager to return are not enough, trust our words! 

Apart from the essential SPA and the free parking, the excellent position of this hotel allow reaching the chora nightlife in a minute. This five-star paradise has some suites with a private jacuzzi for better privacy. Otherwise, the shared pool is available for all the clients. For an authentic greek food experience, we suggest trying Thioni restaurant inside Semeli, but also Krama, an idea realized in collaboration with starred chef Ioannis Parikos.

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